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Unlike other professional photography business, what you won't find here is high prices. I have had my business for over 6 years and I have not raised my prices. I have added other services that people might be interested in, such as the online gallery where your family can not only view the pictures but also download them so you don’t have to make copies of DVD, or the all day wedding photography service which starts at 8 am and goes to end of the reception. Please don’t be confused, I am a professional photographer and the only reason I have my prices so low is so I can provide a great service at an even better price. Here at Billy Lane Photography we specialize in small weddings and excel at larger weddings. Please understand that I do charge a travel fee for any event out side of Polk County, Florida. This travel fee is in addition to the package prices. I will travel to any location for a wedding; all I charge is a travel fee and possibly a hotel fee if it is 4 hours or more away. Please understand that in most every case, it is cheaper to hire me to travel a big city to take your wedding pictures than it is to hire a big city wedding photographer at their big city prices. Please note there are no prints with any of my packages. I believe it is cheaper for you to print the pictures you want instead of paying me to print them for you.

$400 Complete Wedding Package
I am present for the entire wedding and reception.  I arrive 1 hour before the wedding and take an unlimited amount of pictures.  I place all high-resolution pictures on several DVDs for you to have, own, and print as you wish.  This package does not include any prints but does include the copyrights to all pictures taken. I also edit each and every high-resolution photograph so each picture turns out as prefect as your wedding day. This package also includes a free engagement shoot taken here in Lakeland, Florida at the beautiful Hollis Gardens.  This is a great package for those who want to save a ton of money on a small or large wedding, and is a perfect package for destination weddings. We have done hundreds of destination weddings with couples that have chosen beautiful Central Florida as their destination. Our couples have come from other parts of Florida, out of state, and even out of the country. (This package is available for traditional American weddings only.)

$700 All Day Wedding Photography Or Wedding & Rehearsal Package
With this package, you get every thing you would in the $400 package, but I am also present the entire day of the wedding (accompanying the bridal party as they prepare) OR if you need your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner photographed, then I will be present for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, I would then be present the next day for the wedding one hour in advance, the entire wedding and entire reception. You will also receive the $100 online gallery package free with this package and the free engagement shoot.

$400 Birthday Party / Christmas Party Package
I am present for the entire party.  I take an unlimited amount of pictures and place all high-resolution pictures on several DVDs for you to have, own and print as you wish.  All party packages include the $100 online picture gallery add on for free. This will allow you to email out a link to all your guests, who will then be able to download and print the pictures as they wish. Billy Lane Photography will host all the pictures online for full size download for approximately 60 days.

$700 Non Traditional American Weddings
This package is designed for the non-traditional American weddings, which require the photographer to be present the entire day. Most of these services start early morning and continue into the late night. With this package you will get the engagement shoot, the online photo gallery, all images edited and placed on DVD for you to print at your leisure.

$700 Quinceañera Party
This package is designed for a Quinceanera, which typically begins early morning and continues into the late night. With this package you will get an outside portrait shoot at the beautiful Hollis Gardens in Lakeland, Florida, you will get the online photo gallery and we will be present for the ceremony at the church and then the party. If you only want a photographer present just for the party then the price would only be $400.

Dance Recitals & Youth Sport and Adult Sport Pictures
This package is for youth events, dance recitals and adult sport individual photographs.  With this package, I require at least 75 participants.  I arrive on scene, erect a professional backdrop and lighting and run up to two professional photographers, which will take each participants picture in several different poses.  For the dance recitals, the children get a daylong pass on the rehearsal day.  All pictures are edited, uploaded, and hosted on my server for 60 days for the participants to download.  The pictures are high resolution and come with a copyright release.  I charge approx. $20 to $35 a participant and will donate 1/4 of my earnings back to the youth or adult organization. An average event of this type nets $2000, which means $500 for the organization and $1000 for me. So in short, your sport organization makes as much as I do for showing up and working, plus all the participants get lots of great pictures for a low price.  Consider this a fundraiser.

Please Note, the above prices are good in the Polk County area only, but I am available throughout the entire State of Florida.  The only additional charge I impose is travel fees, which are broken down as follows:
-Inside Polk County, Florida – No Additional Charge

-Outside of Polk County, Florida up to 1.5 Hours Away From Lakeland, Florida - $50 which would include Tampa and Orlando

-2 hours to 2.5 hours away from Lakeland, Florida - $100, this would include the Gainesville, Naples, Ft Myers.

-3 to 3.5 hours away from Lakeland, Florida - $250 ($150 for fuel and $100 for hotel) this would include the Ft. Lauderdale / Miami area, Tallahassee area or Gainesville.

-More than 4 hours away will be negotiated; this would include the Key West and Pensacola area.

Please understand that I do not charge an hourly rate for travel time, I travel for FREE, and I just charge expense and hotel.
Even with my travel fee of $250 to Miami and my fee of $400, which is a total of $650, my price is still lower than other professional wedding photographers in the Miami area.
Dates fill up fast due to my low prices. I ask that you email today to inquire about your date so we can schedule a meet or file a contract.

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