Beside the experience level of the photographer, the next most important thing is the type and quality of the camera equipment that they use.

Lets be honest, do you know the difference from a Canon Rebel from a Canon 1Ds Mark lll or the difference between a Canon L Series glass lens from a Canon plastic lens? Chances are, the answer would be NO. The difference is the difference in having great pictures and not so great pictures.

So let me try to explain. At Billy Lane Photography, I take pride in using high-end, Canon equipment. I have a collection of some of the best cameras that Canon has made. I started years ago with my Canon 20-D, but today that camera has been long retired. A lot of the beginning photographers go out and purchase a Canon Rebel with the standard 30-300 plastic; Canon lens and sometimes an external flash and they then call themselves a photographer. Please remember, every professional photographer has to pay his or her dues to call themselves a professional photographer. I paid my dues by spend 8 years at night, in the woods taking crime scene pictures with an old film 35mm camera.

Today I use my signature Canon 1Ds Mark ll, which is a 16 Megapixel, digital camera. I also use the Canon 5-D, which is a 12 Megapixel, digital camera. I have recently added two Canon 60-Ds, which are an amazing 18 Megapixel, digital cameras. The recent addition of the 60-Ds gives me the option of taking pictures from high, above views using the live view feature of the cameras. This viewpoint provides an amazing overhead view during the special dances between bride and groom, not to mention bride and father as well as groom and mother.

I only use glass lens. You might ask what is the difference between a glass lens and a regular plastic lens? Well like the cameras, the first difference is the price that they cost. L Series glass lens cost sometimes as much as $8000 a lens, but most run in the $2000 range. The second difference is the quality of the picture it produces. The glass lens produces a clear, sharp picture and that is what you want when you want a photographer to take your wedding pictures. I currently have a collection of Canon L Series lens, which range from small lens to zoom lens. I have quite the collection of a series of Canon Zoom L Series lens which will allows close up shoots of your wedding with out being under your feet. I have recently added a Sigma 50-500 mm lens, which is an awesome, glass lens. This lens provides incredible zoom both inside and out.

I would be happy to show you my equipment. I carry back ups of every thing at all times. Don’t worry if for some reason a flash goes out or a camera or lens goes out, which does happen, I can just reach into the bag and grab another of the same type. I hope this helps to building your confidence in my company.
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